Thursday, 26 May 2011


well I went on a trip to bandos and the drop actually came from a minion, unfortunately it was a godsword shard only worth 150k :\

Herp Derp.

not being able to post much runescape screenshots due to the lack of time I have available to play because I am doing school exams, I will be able to post a lot more next week though!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

And the simple cash continues

So easy..

I remember when 1million used to be alot in runescape it is way easier now tbh, just brought a green h'ween mask for 125m yesterday and sold for 128m the following day :L

Edit: just did it again with the same item, brought 124m sold for 128m under a hour later!!

Best and worst tasks for slayer!

As I am 99 slayer myself I will share advice about what tasks you should do and which ones arnt as enjoyable, I also assume you are using duradel or kuradel as your slayer master since these are what you should be aiming to use.

Best Tasks:
Abyssal demons - these are what most people aim for, the chance of getting a abyssal whip for free! these tasks are great but dont expect you will get a whip drop every task it is over 1/500 in chance but still it could happen.

Dark beasts - drops the dark bow, used to be over 1m but now around 400k but with the ring of wealth update these do tend to have a large variety of drops. I have recieved many rare herbs such as torstol in decent amounts aswell, around 30 in each drop, and the chance of dark bow drops seem to be of around 1/300

Strykewyrms - any of these are all good tasks! the reason I choose for this is that they can all drop elite clues aswell as their own unique drop; hexcrest for jungle, focus sight for desert and staff of light for ice, these tasks will definatly give you a decent profit.

Spiritual mages - very easy to kill and have a good chance of dragon boot drops, I average of about 2 boot drops per tasking making it easily profitable.

Metal dragons - although these can be tedious at lower levels when you have decent stats these go by very fast, just the bones are worth 4.5k each and a chance of visage (around 1/10000 though!) and dragon platelegs and plateskirts are also dropped from these, the mithril dragons can drop the dragon full helm fetching prices of over 40m.

Worst tasks:
Kalphites - these have no drops and are very boring! if you want to do this with a chance of anything the only way is to kill the kalphite queen (level 333) but this will take a very long time

Terror dogs - located in tarns layer which is a spot very hard to access except by using a charge of a ring of slayer, their best drop is the granite helm which is now only worth 40k and they hit constantly and prayer drained quickly in the area; not worth doing.

Skeletal wyverns - they are more powerful than their name suggests! they will use ice attacks stopping you attacking for awhile and hit constantly. they also require a dragonfire or elemental shield to stop them hitting incredibly high antifire shield or superantifire pots will not work here!

Suqahs - No drops!!

Aquanites - these can be unlocked with slayer points to be assigned as a task, do not do it! they attack with magic hitting accuratly even against karils armour and have a attack what disables prayer.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Slayer creatures and their drops

Since I have taken a interest into slayer I will give an insight into what you can be expecting from each creature you will be able to kill including the level required and key drops.

Slayer level: 5
Creature name: Crawling hand
Combat level: 8/12
Top Drops: Crawling hand corpse
Location:Slayer tower

Slayer level: 6
Creature name: Cavebug
Combat level: 6/96
Top Drops: Herblore ingredients/ herbs
Location: Lumbridge dungeon

Slayer level: 10
Creature name: Cave Crawler
Combat level: 23/138
Top Drops: Bronze boots
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 15
Creature name: Banshee
Combat level: 23/90
Top Drops: Mystic gloves
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 17
Creature name: Cave slime
Combat level: 23
Top Drops: Iron boots
Location: Lumbridge caves

Slayer level: 20
Creature name: Caveslug
Combat level: 29
Top Drops: Mystic gloves
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 22
Creature name: Desert lizard
Combat level: 12/24/42
Top Drops: Mystic boots
Location: Desert

Slayer level: 25
Creature name: Cockatrice
Combat level: 37
Top Drops: Mystic boots
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 30
Creature name: Pyrefiend
Combat level: 43
Top Drops: Steel boots
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 32
Creature name: Mogre
Combat level: 60
Top Drops: N/A
Location Mudskipper point

Slayer level: 33
Creature name: Harpie bug swarms
Combat level: 46
Top drops: Steel boots
Location: Karamja

Slayer level: 35
Creature name: Wall beast
Combat level: 49
Top drops: Mystic hat
Location: Lumbridge caves

Slayer level: 37
Creature name: Killerwatt
Combat level: 55
Top drops: N/A
Location: Draynor manor (electric area)

Slayer level: 39
Creature name: Molanisk
Combat level: 51
Top drops: Mole claws
Location: Dorgesh-Kaan

Slayer level: 40
Creature name: Basilisk
Combat level: 61
Top drops: Mystic hat
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 40
Creature name: Terror dog
Combat level: 85/89
Top drops: Granite helm
Location: Tarn's layer

Slayer level: 42
Creature name: Fever spider
Combat level: 49
Top drops: Kwuarm
Location: Braindeath island

Slayer level: 45
Creature name: Infernal mage
Combat level: 68
Top drops: Mystic hat/ Mystic boots
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 47
Creature name: Brine rat
Combat level: 70
Top drops: Brine sabre
Location: Brine rat cavern

Slayer level: 50
Creature name: Bloodveld
Combat level: 76
Top drops: Black boots
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 51
Creature name: Phoenix
Combat level: 235
Top drops: Phoenix quills
Location: Phoenix layer

Slayer level: 52
Creature name: Jelly
Combat level: 78
Top drops: Mithril boots
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 55
Creature name: Turoth
Combat level: 83/85/87/89
Top drops: Mystic robe bottom / leaf bladed sword
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 56
Creature name: Warped terrorbird
Combat level: 81/143
Top drops: Rune kiteshield
Location: Poison waist slayer dungeon

Slayer level: 56
Creature name: Warped tortoise
Combat level: 96
Top drops: Tortoise shell
Location: Poison waist slayer dungeon

Slayer level: 57
Creature name: Mutated zygomite
Combat level: 74/86
Top drops: N/A
Location: Zanaris

Slayer level: 58
Creature name: Cave horror
Combat level: 80
Top drops: Black mask
Location: Mos le'harmless caves

Slayer level: 59
Creature name: Wild jade vine
Combat level: 167
Top drops: N/A
Location: Ardougne

Slayer level: 60
Creature name: Abberant spectre
Combat level: 96
Top drops: Mystic robe bottom
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 63
Creature name: Spiritual ranger
Combat level: 112+
Top drops: N/A
Location: God wars dungeon

Slayer level: 65
Creature name: Dust devil
Combat level: 93
Top drops: Dragon chainbody
Location: Smoky dungeon

Slayer level: 68
Creature name: Spiritual warrior
Combat level: 115+
Top drops: Rune halberd
Location: God wars dungeon

Slayer level: 70
Creature name: Kurask
Combat level: 106
Top drops: Mystic robe top / leaf bladed sword
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 72
Creature name: Skeletal wyvern
Combat level: 140
Top drops: Draconic visage / granite platelegs
Location: Ice dungeon

Slayer level: 73
Creature name: Jungle strykewyrm
Combat level: 110
Top drops: Hexcrest
Location: North-west of oo'glog

Slayer level: 75
Creature name: Gargoyle
Combat level: 111
Top drops: Granite maul / Mystic top
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 77
Creature name: Desert strykewyrm
Combat level: 130
Top drops: Focus sight
Location: Desert

Slayer level: 78
Creature name: Aquanite
Combat level: 114
Top drops: Amulet of ranging
Location: Slayer caves

Slayer level: 80
Creature name: Nechryeal
Combat level: 115
Top drops: Rune boots
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 83
Creature name: Spiritual mage
Combat level: 120/121/123
Top drops: Dragon boots
Location: God wars dungeon

Slayer level: 85
Creature name: Abyssal demon
Combat level: 124
Top drops: Abyssal whip
Location: Slayer tower

Slayer level: 90
Creature name: Dark beast
Combat level: 180
Top drops: Dark bow
Location: West Ardougne dungeon

Slayer level: 93
Creature name: Ice strykewyrm
Combat level: 220
Top drops: Staff of light
Location: Muspah cave

Background information

I have been playing runescape on and off for around 4 years, within this time I have set specific goals to follow. When I first began I knew nothing and was trying out various skills to get a general idea of what I can do, my favourite of all for a free player was woodcutting due to the simple style of the skill and the ability to make money with very little input allowing it to be done at the same time as doing other things which was beneficial because at this time I was receiving frequent homework from my school. I became a member after realising the many benefits it comes along with including new skills and a more vast area to explore, as a member I realised how much can be done and the time it will take in order to even complete a small part of what there is to offer. I further tried the different skills completing quests and pushing myself to become better. I realised my favourite skill was slayer, much more diverse than all others at the time and can be extremely profitable but this was down to luck which was not always in my favour, from this skill I have managed to max out my melee stats and finally reach my goal of 99 slayer in 2011. I also enjoy taking part in other activities other than slayer my favourite activities tend to be combat related such as god wars dungeon and various other boss monsters, I have received multiple drops from doing this ranging from dragon equipment to bandos armour, these activities are what keep me going due to the constant chance of getting an amazing drop and never being sure of when it will be dropped.

Bank Picture 24/05/2011

Blog created

I have created a blog documenting my current activities on runescape including what I have achieved and future goals I wish to achieve, I will keep up to date information posted as well as pictures.
I will also post any random achievements such as decent drops and bank updates, I will be updating this blog with tips and tricks showing the latest best ways to make money items which should be brought and how to become successful at various skills.