Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Background information

I have been playing runescape on and off for around 4 years, within this time I have set specific goals to follow. When I first began I knew nothing and was trying out various skills to get a general idea of what I can do, my favourite of all for a free player was woodcutting due to the simple style of the skill and the ability to make money with very little input allowing it to be done at the same time as doing other things which was beneficial because at this time I was receiving frequent homework from my school. I became a member after realising the many benefits it comes along with including new skills and a more vast area to explore, as a member I realised how much can be done and the time it will take in order to even complete a small part of what there is to offer. I further tried the different skills completing quests and pushing myself to become better. I realised my favourite skill was slayer, much more diverse than all others at the time and can be extremely profitable but this was down to luck which was not always in my favour, from this skill I have managed to max out my melee stats and finally reach my goal of 99 slayer in 2011. I also enjoy taking part in other activities other than slayer my favourite activities tend to be combat related such as god wars dungeon and various other boss monsters, I have received multiple drops from doing this ranging from dragon equipment to bandos armour, these activities are what keep me going due to the constant chance of getting an amazing drop and never being sure of when it will be dropped.

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